Opto for
CMC Markets

Tools & Platforms:
→ Content strategy
→ Magazine production
→ Online content
→ Newsletter production
→ Editorial features

Creating a magazine and digital content channel for one of the UK’s biggest online trading platforms.
Our team handled the editorial development of Opto, a print magazine, online news channel, newsletter and ebook series created for online trading platform CMC Markets. Working alongside The Crown & Co, we created the content strategy, tone of voice and writing style from scratch and fulfilled the editor-in-chief role for the first year of launch, leading the production of five print issues.

Produced to convert new trading customers as well as engage existing clients, Opto covers trading and investment strategy, long-form reports into companies and sectors and in-depth interviews. Interview subjects have included Fahmi Quadir, a star of Netflix’s Dirty Money, notorious high-frequency trader Manoj Narang, and former White House director of communications Anthony Scaramucci, which was syndicated as a cover story by City AM.