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About us

Lucky Pilgrim is a creative content marketing and strategy agency which builds new audiences for brands by telling meaningful stories. Founded by Tomas and Kaltrina, we both started out in journalism and magazine production before moving on to award-winning marketing and creative agencies. By utilising a network of trusted expert freelancers, which we call upon depending on the requirements of each project, we’re able to run a lean operation which can make the most of any budget.
Kaltrina has worked at a number of leading media titles and agencies. She previously served as Managing Editor and Acting Editor of TV magazine TBI, has worked on editorial projects with WPP agencies and acted as Managing Editor for COP26 in Glasgow.She has contributed to Eater,  Calvert Journal, Cool Hunting and more.
Tomas has worked at a range of newspapers and magazines, including Courier, where he was employee number one and spent five years as Managing Editor, overseeing the day-to-day running of the magazine across words, design and imagery. Before launching Lucky Pilgrim he was Editorial Director at creative agencies Crown & Co and Chapel.